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Silly Willy Magic Show

Hello Silly Willy -

Yes - it's me again....another year, another party!!!  Tyler is turning 6...we are looking at Sunday, Oct 17th.  Hope you 

are available!!  

Sept 7th, 2010

once again...u were a big hit!  thx for a great show...a number of people were asking for ur number!

Oct 18th, 2010


Jill H



Thanks for a great party! Everyone loved the show and the balloons! 


June 16th 2014


Orlando (Silly Willy The Magician); what can I say?  Not only did you surprise us on Sunday with a show of a lifetime, but then you repeated yourself on Tuesday with an equally impressive performance.  You are truly one of the best, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Everyone really enjoyed, and Jesse especially asks for you almost every other hour wanting to know what time you’ll be back to do your next solo show just for him!  (-:   I hope all of the parents who enjoyed your show will use you when they have their birthday parties!!! 


Lonnie S

Jersey City, NJ 

Dec 26th, 2006


Hi Silly Willy,

Several weeks have passed since Emily's party, and you continue to receive rave reviews from our guests. Have passed your name on to several other families in the area.

Thank you for a great party!

Karin D